Kobe is an international city that has played a leading role in Japan’s modernization as a gateway between the Japan and the rest of the world. Despite the image of Kobe as a bustling urban environment, within five kilometers of the city-center district of Sannomiya you will find both magnificent mountains and the beautiful ocean, with rural landscapes only a thirty-minute drive away ? making Kobe a compact, and truly ideal city to live in.
“LIVE LOVE KOBE” is a project that promotes relocation to Kobe by providing a series of programs allowing you to experience first-hand Kobe’s livability and the city’s appeal as a place to make your home, as well as the opportunities available for people to realize their ideal lifestyles in Kobe.

What it means to live in Kobe

Kobe is an ideal city for balancing work and daily life, not only providing a comprehensive public transportation system that includes JR and private railway lines and bus services, but also a Shinkansen bullet train station and airport within the central city area, providing easy and convenient access to Tokyo and other regions. This is not all the city offers, however. The greatest attraction of living in Kobe is the proximity of urban areas to nature. Surrounded by mountains and the ocean, soothing breezes refresh the city, while rural landscapes are a short distance from the city center.
Moreover, Kobe is also a city where intercultural exchange blossoms among local residents and visitors, with an atmosphere that welcomes and accepts a diverse range of lifestyles and people.
You could say that to live in Kobe is to realize your own unique living style while enjoying both the convenience of city life and the abundance of nature.

The Kobe Way of Life: Never give up on your dreams

Do you value work-life balance, but find yourself putting a lid on your dreams, on things you really want to do, because you have commitments in your daily life? Whether your dream is work, family, hobbies or leisure ? never give up. This is the Kobe way of life.
Make your everyday life even more fulfilling living in Kobe, a city where everything ? from urban convenience, abundant nature, and the opportunity to be part of a diverse and vibrant community ? is just right.
Be greedy. Choose Kobe

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